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Review Of Pamela For Skype Call Recorder

You’ve probably heard of Skype before, and how it allows employees to communicate with each other for free, even if they are based throughout the world! With SkypeOut you can also call regular landline and mobile phones for low rates, direct from your PC wherever you have broadband internet connection. The success of Skype (and VOIP in general) is increasing every year, with approximately 25% of small businesses utilising VOIP for their telephony. As Skype becomes part of your mainstream phone package, you can also integrate it with call recording software for a variety of purposes. This article reviews the usefulness of Pamela Call Recording software and the benefits it can offer business users.

Call Recording For Training or Legal Reference

One of the most popular uses of call recording software in businesses is to review successful sales calls to train staff in effective ways of holding a sales conversation, and also what to avoid saying. Pamela Call Recording allows you to record Skype calls seamlessly and automatically without having to touch a button. The calls are stored within your Skype history for later access, and can be played-back at will. They can even be emailed automatically to a given email address – this is great for supervisors and managers who want a record of their employees calls to make sure the business phone isn’t being used for personal calls. As you probably know, however, too strict evaluation and performance monitoring can be detrimental to an employee’s work and motivation, so try not to be too over-bearing with call reviewing.

Another situation where Pamela comes in handy is when a customer is claiming a dispute, or you even want to check what price you quoted a customer – with all your calls recorded you have them there if ever they are needed for such an occassion. During calls one great feature is that you can type fully-searchable notes to associate with a call – so for example if you’re in a call, you don’t have to scrabble for a pen and paper, but can type into a box, where the note will be linked to the specific call.

Call Recording For PodCast Interviews

Podcasting refers to when an individual or organisation produces a publicly-downloadable audio file that is usually in MP3 format and provides how-to guides, interviews, audio articles etc.. In many Podcasts, interviews are conducted for the ‘show’, and as the Internet provides a global audience, interviews can also be conducted by people around the world. Using Skype with the Pamela for Skype Plugin allows you to call the interviewee on Skype and record the interview automatically onto MP3, after which you can edit it and publish it.

Additional Benefits of Pamela For Skype

Pamela for Skype also offers a range of other features and benefits, such as a free answering machine (compared to the paid-for Skype Voicemail service). Although it’s great that it’s free, unfortunately it won’t work unless you’re logged onto Skype, whereas the Skype Voicemail will work when you’re offline. Pamela can also be downloaded for free for trial, but limits the duration of calls that can be recorded and plays a message at the start of a conversation, saying “This call is being recorded”. As you’ll no doubt want to remove that message, the business version of Pamela is a very reasonable $36.95 or €29.95. You can also schedule Pamela to record calls only at certain times of the day. The quality of the recorded call is perfect, just as clear as the phone call itself.

Call Recording Legal Issues

You might be asking about the legality of recording calls without the other person’s consent. Rather than describe the legal issues on here, as we have readers from around the world I’ll just post some links to useful sites that talk about the legality of call recording:

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